Thursday, July 21, 2011

Black & White

I am trying to be prompt with taking pictures of my crafting before gifting away, so here is one hot off the press. This boxed cards set is for the other Mrs P, my beautiful sister in law, whose birthday we're celebrating tonight. I hope she likes it.

One of the things I certainly find quite frustrating with crafting is my indecisiveness. I keep deliberating whether to put stripes on the box, just like the cards, or leave it plain black. I'll be thinking about it until I give it to her tonight. What would you have done?

So I made 4 "all occasions" cards, but could fill the box with 2 more cards. The trouble with working with black ink is that you have to be very very neat and take extreme care, especially on white paper. And I reckon it does stain the rubber stamps. Oh well...
Also, I forgot to take into account the bigger size of a standard card envelope, so they don't actually fit inside the box. I could custom make the envelopes too, I suppose. Hmm....

Now what I reckon will make these cards have a polished look is having the heat embossing tool to wet emboss the stamped image. It is already on the shopping list, might have to see if I can bump it up the list, lol.

1 comment:

  1. They look lovely Michelle. I think I like the box how it is without the stripes. What a good idea. You are so creative. What is this embossing tool that people speak of? It sounds very interesting. I had a go at making envelopes. They are actually very easy. They look quite nice embossed as well.